Monday, August 27, 2007

Vate - Aeronáutica y otras tecnología

Rate: 9/10

This record it’s a great journey into a Kraftwerk-like electro-world and beyond. You can see it in the music, but also in the names of compositions, cover design etc., all that epanage that makes listening to music more than just listening to music. You may feel an atmosphere of a naive, self-ironic belief in science and its importance in art.
About the tunes:
Aeronáutica I and II – ground control and airplane samples create real aero-atmosphere. Great tunes.
PC music – good, little drum’n’based piece but it sounds like an unfinished scetch of Kraftwerk’s ‘Computer world’ remix.
Circulo Polar – my favourite. Fabulous ambient ascetic mood that really reminds you of the Great White.
Xalisko – Teléfono – extremely transformed and somewhat experimental but it has this telephone rush in it, that makes the cut exciting.
Shibari – not bad, but a little bland comparing to the rest of the album.
Summarizing, all I can do is to recommend this album to others. I liked all compositions with only few reservations mentioned above, that don’t let me give ten. However I’ll check another Vate records so, in the future, the highest note possible is not impossible ;-).

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