Saturday, June 28, 2008

HiFi Hustlers - Blagging It EP


Quite astonishing (and I don’t say about the perfect cover! ;-). HiFi Hustlers created nice blend of Ninja Tune, Bomb The Bass and a modern dub style. They don’t lose a beat pulse for a second here, while the production is quite classy. Ok, about the tunes:
- power_version – very nice dub production with phunky rhythm section and interesting Jamaican vocal sample leitmotif.
- freedom – another tune created around speech sample. This time, the beat is more electro-sleazy, but still head and legs moving.
- thirteen – the most dub-like on the record. Lazy beats and keyboard sample reminding of early Ninja Tune chillouts with a solid reverb flavour.
- waves – my favourite on the record. Catchy, melodic piece with an ambient touch. Another great recording to my CC collection.
Generally, it is one of the coolest things I’ve managed to listen on jamendo. Hope to hear more from guys.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Mudslingers - Another Long Lonely Night

One word: great!!!
This song has everything i need from a good punk-rock tune. It has this "wasted loser" attitude (the words: I stumbled at the door etc.). It has a simple, powerful, almost rock'n'roll riff that holds the whole composition together and makes my head bangin' and legs movin'. The obligatory solo in the middle of the song is far from being corny, and very switly transports the rest of the song into the melodic chorus. Moreover, it doesn't have anything of the pop-punk thing. The production is raw and garage, just the way it should be. It's 5+ ladies and gentelman!!!

song's site

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Best Production in Experimental Electronica

Yup... This is what ...and nobody cared got yesterday, June 16th on garageband. That means another week of rest for me. See you, hopefully on 23rd of June.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ant on Wax feat.Noar - Information


There’s been a while since I heard such a neat and nice EP. Ant on Wax very skillfully revolve around hardbeat-electronica and smooth indie-pop. I like this record mainly because of the Loser, which is the thing I’ve been looking for few months, namely, a Creative Commons underground hit. Loser is definitively a song you can hum and whistle, a song so well produced that you don’t believe it’s for free ;-). I’ve already seen this tune at some Creative Commons compilation, so I think the good news spread fast. The other compositions probably won’t be that popular, but it’s very solid piece of music in intelligent and modern style, definitely worth recommending. So, tune in and listen all you Perfect Losers ;-)

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Track of the day

...and nobody cared's tune: Shogun of all Japan has been awarded a Track of the Day award on garageband. As a form of congratulating myself I take a week break. See you on 13th of June!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Missing Host Band - walk by rote


Dark post rock? ok.. It’s experimental, I agree but it’s not THAT dark… Generally it is full of amiable sounds and interesting melodies ( however very much deconstructed, see boring razor for example). The compositions are weird (this is a compliment ;-) only sometimes the production doesn’t fit in, e.g. too plastic and midi drums clashed with an almost hard-rock riff simply deosn’t do the trick (cutting moon). My favourite tracks are mutine, especially the second part of it, when the riff, turntablism, lazy post-rock rhythm and vocal samples blends together into a really (post)modern music trip. The next recommendable piece is alchimie with IDM rhythm and almost calypso melody. I’ve got only one more remark: the tunes are too short. Take roam by rote for example chich begins extremely engaging, and then… it ends after half a minute. I think the composition into get some Tortoise-like length in order to evolve right. Despite these all drawbacks it’s still a nice LP to listen to.

Stay cool,


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