Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Missing Host Band – Dusk Gazing


The debut Missing Host Band album consists of rough but melodic postrock tunes with some electronica flavour, which is a good thing. I’m a fan of such music, so I quite enjoyed Dusk Gazing. Slow, dirty and reverbed guitar loops connected with not very abundant drums creates very nice, slacking, lazy atmosphere. Even if you’re not keen on post-rock it’s good to listen to it on some afternoon when you do nothing but lay in bed. The best tunes on the record in my humble opinion are: toufic with very ascetic, almost Joy Division sound plus great pitch-ascending melody and easy to popular, very neatly mocking easy listening melodies.
The cover of the record corresponds to the album very neatly and it cues the postrock/ electronic mood. It’s almost estethic, so thumbs up for it.
The only disadvantage is a structural minimalism of the record. It’s not as atmospheric as To Rococo Rot or Tortoise so the album loses a lot not being a little bit more composed. However this is my only remark. I hope that the possible live version would include richer arrangements and longer compositions.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Good news

1st one: My review of Betsy' V. song has been chosem to be a signature review for the song!!! Thank you!!!

2nd one: I've got a review of a day on 21st of February, which can be seen on my garageband profile. Thank you once again!!!

Well... All those nice surprises make me need a rest for a while. See you in a week with hot, fresh, new reviews!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Betsy V. - Water on the Field


Close to perfection
The first impression is: I like it very much. The tune sounds as it Kate Bush would like to record with some underground trip-hop jazz ensemble. The vocals resembles this vocalist with a little bit of jazz flavour, which only makes it more intersting. The outcome is pretty pleasearable with extremely elegantly pitched horns and nice composition breaks in 0:53 and 1:43. Percusion is gentle and smooth completing the uplifting atmosphere of the tune. A highly recommendable record, I say!

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vate – Volt


From the very beginning of the record one finds that it is the same old good Vate we like so much. Turismo, the first tune of the LP is Tour de France of the modern era, when car rallies replaced bicycle ones. I have already written about the next piece, Orient Stress, and I can only repeat that it's the most energetic one composed by Vate. Highly recommendable mixture of industrial samples with electro mood. Mundo Libre is a little bit similar. Still nice beat and melodic keyboard. Hertz has a great, radiative mood. Info is too similar to the tunes from previous Aeronautica..., but for those who do not know this album it still may be catchy. Watt is a very mechanical tune with one keyboard melody being very much intruding and engaging. Amper is quite the oppposite, very ambiental and etheric. The eponymous tune is quite Autechre-like in its beat and composition, with only one a little bit annoying sample. Yo soy maquina is another obvious Kraftwerk-tribute in name, but more experimental in style. Summarizing, Vate created another extremely interesting concept album, dealing mainly with electicity. Something like Kraftwerk's Radioactivity on the jamendo scale of course. The cover is great so it's ten form me this time. I suppose it's Vate's Opus Magnum, as for now of course.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

L.A. Carpool - AZUQUITA

Rate: 4/5

Sounds like Miami
The problem with Latin music is sometimes different performers sounds just the same. This song has almost everything one needs of Latino, except for this specific flvour that ocmes form the original sound. One may notice if the song was recorded in USA or Latin America country. This tune is a case supporting this theory. It resembles more Gloria Estefan-like than Buena Vista Social Club. Keyboard and arrangation as such is a little bit plastic, however the female and background vocals are very much stylish.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Yup!!! The ...and nobody cared record achieved its 2000 listening on jamendo today! That means I'm going for a short rest, but on the 8th of March I'll be back with more stuff from jamendo and garageband.

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