Sunday, December 21, 2008

Norelijun - Pigs


Now, that's the music!
This is one of the tunes that makes me believe in music. The composition is a very eleborate nad sophisticated journey through the rock avantgarde. He can hear a little bit of The Residents in vocals and general atmosphere, a piece of Primus in a rhythm section, Snakefinger and perhaps even Fred Frith in guitars. It's intelligent, intelectual even, very neatly produced and melodic enough to be cherished by people that generally don't dig such kind of music. One can only ask for more.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Carmina - Demo


This is one heavy set of really heavy, brutal music. I loved it.
Although it's only fifteen minutes, Carmina presents us with a quarter
of real non-stop brutal death-metal mayhem, a thing that any fan of this
music genre would love. Most of tracks don't have more than 3 minutes (the last one,
Et ils connaitront la peur is the only exception), but that was a right decision,
because there's no time to get too soft and mild here. My favourite track on the record is Evangelion - a minute and a half clash of growling, engaging riffs and perfect rhythm section.One cannot avoid comparison to Obituary's Chopped In a Half, or some Cryptopsy albums here.
I would love to see guys live and the atmospheric, fin-de-siecle cover is yet
another advantage. It's ten out of ten ladies and gentelmen.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Neko Rei - Wobble Mouse (Unmastered)


Very professional, very neat
It's a nice track. I do recommend it. Now, to details. First of all, I really like the background droning sample reminding me of Didgeridoo Aphex Twin's records. After that we have a really neatly sequenced and professionally produced drumming. It makes one dancing, and this is what's the more important here, I think. I liked also ambient keyborads reminding me Future sound of London, ORb or any of these electronic bands that were really progressive in the 90's. This tune is one nice journey back into days electronica wasn't just a soundtrack but it was a way of perceiving reality. A thing to enjoy.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

The latest review of Breakfast in Tanger


A very mellow set of ambient tracks that fit together really nicely. If I had to pick a favourite track, it would probably be Surrounded by Opera Smoke but the whole album has been produced top a very high standard.

What can I say?

Thank you!!!

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