Monday, December 15, 2008

Carmina - Demo


This is one heavy set of really heavy, brutal music. I loved it.
Although it's only fifteen minutes, Carmina presents us with a quarter
of real non-stop brutal death-metal mayhem, a thing that any fan of this
music genre would love. Most of tracks don't have more than 3 minutes (the last one,
Et ils connaitront la peur is the only exception), but that was a right decision,
because there's no time to get too soft and mild here. My favourite track on the record is Evangelion - a minute and a half clash of growling, engaging riffs and perfect rhythm section.One cannot avoid comparison to Obituary's Chopped In a Half, or some Cryptopsy albums here.
I would love to see guys live and the atmospheric, fin-de-siecle cover is yet
another advantage. It's ten out of ten ladies and gentelmen.

stay cool,


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