Thursday, January 31, 2008

Les Sens Crient - premiers pas!


It’s hard to say something about this quite short single. It’s just to short to say anything the whole record, however the composing premiers pas!, A l'heure ou le dragon se lève, is very much promising. It reminds me of some underground-jazz records of more melodic Lester Bowie or Medeski, Martin & Wood pieces or even moments from Henry Cow recordings. The record it’s very neatly composed and it has great, uplifting atmosphere. Arrangement is also very professional form the very beginning of paino melody, till the trumpet, base, piano, drums climax. The only drawback is the length of the tune. Although I understand that in their kind of jazz the mood is more important than showing-off, if it was twice longer and the musicians had time to show their jazz-skills I would simply fall for the band till the very end.
The cover is also a little bit too infantile for me. Like… a drawing of a dragon and birds. Too verbatim, I suppose. C’mon, it can get much better than this! Because of that, it’s a half point down.
If Les Sens Crient played live I would definitely go to see it, because it may be a really interesting jazz-journey.
Taking all under considerations it’s 8 for jamendo, but on my blog, when I can do what I want ;-) it’ll be 8 and a half.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Leave the Light On by Agnes Poetry


Cold, rhythmical, original - just the way I like it
At the beginning, a few-seconds intro creates a bit of confuson but afterwards, when the drums, keyboards and bass come at the same moment with scratch samples everything becomes clear. It the good, old new vawe again. The band sounds quite similar Devoid and other bands that pays tribute to cold music of Depeche Mode, New Order and others. What I liked the most it's the mood of the sons. although the record is secondary to the achievements of the bands mentioned before, it goes with their feeling very skillfully. Electronic beat is very neat, composition is smooth and the chorus is catchy. I think that the break in the middle of the song (around ) with only piano sound it's the thing a band could work on again. The vocals could less histerical and more cold-cool, but there are just minor failings. Concerning this track pluses overwhelmes minuses.

Song's site

Monday, January 21, 2008

Binärpilot – Defrag


One just has to like 8-bit self-ironic electro to write something good about it. Well… I do like it ;-) The Norwegian composer created a really nice experimental trip through drills, drums and melodies. What I loved, were also the lyrics (which is quite rare in this strictly instrumental kind of music). Let us take Sandjorda for example which begins with verses: I've got something to say gonna say it quick/With a melody behind to make it stick/You'll never hear this song on the radio/Never see me perform on a TV-show. Isn’t that very much true?
To summarize. There are 4-tracks on Defrag, 15 minutes of muziq as such. If one adores melodic chip-tunes it’s his record. If not, he’ll survive anyway - it’s just a quarter of time, so I would recommend it to everyone around.
About the cover. It’s fitting very nicely into a genre Binärpilot plays. So it’s one thumb up again.
It would be ten then, but still, there are some imperfections. Widibf is a little bit too monotonous, and this record lowers an overall note. Because of that it’s nine this time, but I keep my eye on the artist.



Friday, January 18, 2008

Everlasting Fountain - Black Heart Desire


Chinese adventure
This song it's nice journey through new-age, Chinese-like music. The drums are fine because they harmonize with an overall mood of the track. Sequencing is also solid, I mean the song evolves slowly as it often happens in the new-age electronic music with a little bit irritating melody in the end ;-) Except for it I have one remark about the song - one but massive. The song is very incidental. One can listen to it not only on relaxing-music CD's but also in some teris or logic game. If you have had your computer for more than 3 years you would have probably listened to tracks very similar to this one few hundreds times on various occasions! The arragement is very midi is un-live which makes this tune a thing one won't remember anything about the piece after few hours after one had listened to it. However, it has a nice, quite promising beginning.

The site of the song

Monday, January 14, 2008

Vate - Orient Stress

Rate: 10/10

I haven’t been reviewing Vate’s productions for quite a long time, and after I had launched Orient Stress I thought it’s some other guy’s single. The eponymous piece it’s not as Kraftwerk as I’m get used to concerning Vate. It’s much more lively, resembling more Retrigger’s break-beat (speaking of jamendo) than electro-ambient suites Vate had composed before. The other tune UPNK (in two versions – Vicious and Rotten) it’s almost industrial. It sounds as you would take a beat and bass from some Front 242 or sisters of Mercy remix and put a little bit of electro flavour in it. What can I say about such a change in style? I love it!!! Orient Stress proved to me that Vate is a mature producer and I can expect surprises from him - very nice surprises!
About the cover. It suits the record perfectly, besides it’s very esthetic.
It’s ten boys and girls!!! One of the most interesting things the last year brought on jamendo. Believe me – it’s a thing worth checking.

Monday, January 7, 2008

one thousand listens of ...and nobody cared.

One Thousand Yen (Japon)

So there you have it. One thousand listens of ...and nobody cared on jamendo. What does it mean? Another break? But of course ;-) See you on 14th of January with a brand new review form jamendo music treasure-house!

p.s. next break after a two-thousand listens.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Repose - Never

Here's my first garageband review: enjoy it.


A neat trip into trip-hop
Sentimental and sensual - these are the best words to describe song's mood. As soon as the piano started its melody I began to feel something, and it doesn't happen often with me. The female voice soon after (the leading one and one in the background) made the feeling even stronger. It reminds me of Stina Nordestam's vocal, and if one knows that singer, that one realizes how big a compliment such comparison is. I loved the little suspension moment in 1:16 and the beat afterwards. Nice string sample in 1:47 also attracted my attention. It is hard to single out the chorus from the rest of the song, because it's a flowing melancholic journey, but the melody, although quite fragmentic, is catchy. Generally, a tune worth remember.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year - New explorations

Ok... So it's 2008. From now on I'll share my time between jamendo and garageband, extremely cool rewiev site I have recently discovered (although it's not a new site). So, you may expect more texts from garageband soon!!!

stay cool.


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