Thursday, January 31, 2008

Les Sens Crient - premiers pas!


It’s hard to say something about this quite short single. It’s just to short to say anything the whole record, however the composing premiers pas!, A l'heure ou le dragon se lève, is very much promising. It reminds me of some underground-jazz records of more melodic Lester Bowie or Medeski, Martin & Wood pieces or even moments from Henry Cow recordings. The record it’s very neatly composed and it has great, uplifting atmosphere. Arrangement is also very professional form the very beginning of paino melody, till the trumpet, base, piano, drums climax. The only drawback is the length of the tune. Although I understand that in their kind of jazz the mood is more important than showing-off, if it was twice longer and the musicians had time to show their jazz-skills I would simply fall for the band till the very end.
The cover is also a little bit too infantile for me. Like… a drawing of a dragon and birds. Too verbatim, I suppose. C’mon, it can get much better than this! Because of that, it’s a half point down.
If Les Sens Crient played live I would definitely go to see it, because it may be a really interesting jazz-journey.
Taking all under considerations it’s 8 for jamendo, but on my blog, when I can do what I want ;-) it’ll be 8 and a half.

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