Sunday, February 3, 2008

Anyma - IOULIA


Good but not exciting

The first thing that comes into your mind after listening to this record is: that simple, huh? The tune has quite al imited arrangements: just keyboards and an electronic drum-beat with oreintal female singing afterwards,.It's not bad to use just a few instruments if you do it in a good style, but the somg is to predictable to call it a great stylization. The keyboard bass and drums reminds very much of Depeche Mode's instrumentals from Music for the masses period (which was, it must be mentioned, some 20 years ago). The oriental female voice reminds Sisters' of Mercy recordings (The Temple of Love etc.) but without their passion and energy. So, to summarize it: Good samples and nice sounds (although these on the tune had been heard before) does not assure a hit. This song proves that assumption, although it' is produced in a neat and quite professional way. It just sound like an intro to the album and not the core itself.

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