Friday, February 29, 2008

Fluydo - 7 Fool Moons 6/7


So there we have it... Another enclosure of the forthcoming album (I hope). This one begins with a little bit trip-hop/psychedelic intro, which makes the listener interested and afterwards the mood starts that has been already acknowledged by us from other Fluydo’s productions. Well… The melodic trip-pop is more carefully produced this time with more reverbs and sound-engineering which makes it even more engaging. I loved the scratches in the chorus, I loved the singing, I love the cover (as always, because it is always the same in alternative colours). I have only one remark: the bassline sounds a little bit plastic for me, which is annoying as the rest of the production is nearly perfect. So it’s nine that time, but it was really close to a full (fool :-) ten!!!

stay cool,


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