Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ShakuEcho – Megamix


I don’t know if I should start with that particular record. I mean… this is a remix of ShakuEcho’s previous musical achievements, and I haven’t heard another ShakuEcho’s albums yet. In that respect, every my review would be slightly inaccurate.
What can I say about the LP? Well… It’s just one tune, a forty some, constant tribal-trance journey. I must say that the beat doesn’t slow down for a minute, so it is great if one wants to party. There are also nice melodic, orient motifs, which make the record pleasant to listen to while working on your PC. Of course, the music is somewhat retro, and there aren’t any DJ’s or composer’s tricks and sounds one hasn’t heard before, but it’s still nice. I’m quite fond of such music, so for me the record is definitely recommendable.
I loved the cover, reminding me of those crazy guys, KLF, and their tribal-spiritual videos. Overall it’s an eight for now, but I hope to give a higher grade to another album from this band, when I have time to listen to them.

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