Monday, February 11, 2008

Projekt Niewidzialne Swinie - „2” EP


It is nice to see a good record on jamendo that comes from country of my origin, namely Poland. The EP of Projekt Niewidzialne Swinie (The Invisible Pigs Project) came as a surprise for me. I hadn’t heard of a Polish band playing such music for quite a long time. I suppose that since the depth of 90s’ when the underground Polish scene saw such bands as Marchlewski, Serpent Beat or Blimp there hasn’t been a decent darkwave electro industrial record. Projekt’s EP is such a music, however it has all the advantages of this genre, it also has its drawbacks.
First of all, such I’vej ust said, I’ve already listened to it all ten years ago. Although compositions such as Bas i ambient possess the energy and mood necessary to move me from my chair, I must admit that I know few underground bands (or even not so underground, Sisters of Mercy or Cure are first to mention here) that possess me more. ;-) There is also a lack of vocals on the record. Maybe it was intentional, maybe not, but except for very quiet and mild female singer in the first tune Szumy there is no voice at all, which affects the whole record in a negative way.
I liked the cover, although it’s not professional. I suppose that’s the very problem of the recording. Jamendo and other CC website’s has a quite high level of musicians’ proficiency nowadays, so if the record sound demoish, and this one does, it wont’ get the highest score. This the case with The Invisible Pigs Project. It’s eight for me for a start and I wait for a better, second record from the band because they sound promising after all.

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