Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Two new songs added

I have just added two new songs by ...and nobody cared
to our band profile on garageband.

enjoy it.

of no help
Breakfast in Tanger, Lunch in Berlin

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Kill for the King - Rodzilla


Has everything in a right place
This is a tune worth recommending. It goes away from a one-minute song punk cliche, and although I would say it's more rock than punk it's a positive comment, pointing out bands courage to mix styles. Guitars are very energetic and loud, solos are quite skillful. Riff is heavy, almost trance-like. The vocals are not merely shouting but has its dramaturgy in choirs. Generally, two thumbs up!

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Into top 40

Shogun of All Japan, ...and nobody cared tune, jumped from top 100 into top 40 of garageband experimental electronica list. Additionally, we received:

Best Programming overall, week of 14Jul2008
Best Programming in Experimental Electronica, week of 14Jul2008
Best Mood in Experimental Electronica, week of 14Jul2008


That means I go into the lost-awaited holiday. I'm coming back
on 25th of July with more CC reviews!!!

stay cool,


Friday, July 11, 2008

Revolution Void – The Politics of Pleasure

Rate: 9/10

The third Revolution Void production available on jamendo still has this specific electro-jazz flavour as usual, but at the same it’s slightly different in terms of emphasis on the technical side of the recording. When I listened to The Politics of Pleasure for the first time, I thought that guys from Revolution Void wanted to prove to themselves that they can do extremely crafty performed and neatly produced album. As far as I hear they succeded. The first three pieces is a constant show of technical proficiency on a double high speed. Only Tree Tenants slows down for a minute, but it’s an exception on a LP.
My favourite tunes are Time Flux – a very smooth example of how you may connect phat beats with enjoyable, almost flamenco samples, and How Exciting with sound that reminds me of the classic Deee-Lite’s hit Groove is in the Heart. The only remark I have is that the record is much less experimental compared to the previous two. I suppose my disappointment comes from my high expectations, because if it was a debut album I would pay respect to such a band. With Revolution Void however, I expect them to set new trends and not to repeat sounds that has been already recorded and are well-known (some songs on The Politics of Pleasure resemble Gotan Project, quite a manistream band nowadays). It’s two points down for that, but the record is sensational, so overall it’s nine because it’s still Revolution Void – a classy band with a classy music.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Alien Pi - 100 Years


Old-fashioned but catchy
I must I enjoyed the tune. Bass line is melodic and well-produced. Lyrics are also good, not very pompatic which often happens with other groups, and there is an intersting speech sample at the end. The sound is adequate, although not very modern, but it's an advantage because it reminds me of the times of psychedelic-rock or Manchester sound. Generally a tune worth listening.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Into top 100

yup... the song by ...and nobody cared, Shogun of all Japan, got into top 100 in the experimental electronica genre.

That means my rest for a week, because I think this is a real job well done!!!

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