Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

Doctor Strangelove – Psychoneural pathways

Rate: 10/10

Whatever I’ll say about this record, it will be subjective. Goa-trance is a specific music style, and you can only love it or hate it - there is nothing in between. With me, it’s even more complicated, because if I listen to some goa which is not perfect, I despise it from the beginning to the very end, but when I come upon the one it’s done well, than I’m very much emphatic, and I don’t see flaws of such record. Psychoneural pathways is such a case.
I love all of this album. From 10 Years Too Late, the first tune on the record, to Skunk Rock the last one, it’s the old retro-trance in its best. The beats are neat and in the correct rhythm, the melodies are frantically crazy, as it should be. What more to say? If you love goa, you’ll love Psychoneural pathways.
About the cover. It’s another thing, that makes me like Doctor Strangelove’s set. It’s simple but attractive. Definitely recommendable.
The last but not the least… If I had a chance to listen Doctor Strangelove’s live act I’ll do it. I hope it’ll be as energetic as the LP.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Georges Habitbol Brothers – Myfuckingkey


Some time ago I said that 14th of September was a quite good day for jamendo. It was because of VS’ new piece, but the second thing worth mentioning is the new Habitbol Brothers single. I wasn’t a great fan of their eps because of the histerical vocals which are, in my humble opinion, completely unnecessary. Myfuckingkey is different. The beat is phunky, the vocals are melodic instead of noisy. I like experimental electro, and I must say, that Smile, the song on Myfuckingkey is a very smooth and interesting tune. It is groovy, so you can easily dance to that, but it also has that cold atmosphere, which makes the song much more than just disco. I don’t know if I’m right, but I sense some Fischerspooner influence, isn’t so?
The cover is simply great. Funny and neat. Two thumbs up.
Summarizing, I would give a ten to the record, but there is no second track, so it’s too little for me to consider this as a completed single. Because of that it’s nine for now, but I count on more next time I’ll listen to something from The Georges Habitbol Brothers.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Paul D. Miller aka Dj Spooky : Dj Spooky's contribution for the 'One Laptop Per Child Project'


Now that’s something! The DJ Spooky himself is uploading jamendo! At first I thought that someone simply didn’t know thaat the nickname Has been already taken and started to produce things under it. But, no – instead we get a great surprise. Ok. Let’s get down to the tunes:
- Moon rain – great jazzy-funk. Very much modern and very much classy.
- Scratch battle - tutrntablism at its best. Sometimes, with that kind of music, when the break it’s too long it maybe be boring, but that one is not!
- One laptop – Good leitmotif for the whole campaign. Sounds like an upgraded Expo2000 theme ;-)
- One laptop drum solo – Little bonus for smaple-seekers ;-)
What can I say? It’s the top shelf of the top-shelf. An excellent single, that could easily hit the underground charts, but it’s served to us for free.

Big respect,


Thursday, October 11, 2007

VS - VS-suite 2


The 14th of September was a day of two important releases from the bands which are my personal jamendo favourites. First one was the next part of VS’ suite. What can I say about this record? The only song on the single End of noise is a prove of the constant band’s evolution form copycays to original band. Maybe the chorus sounds a little bit Mansun/Muse-like, but it’s still much theirs than the first self-titled album. The heat is getting higher every new release form the band, so I expect that when the whole record will be ready and published it won’t leave my mediaplayer very soon. For now I give ten to the song, and I hope i won’t get disappointed in the future.
The cover is great. I thought every record will have the vertigo-cover known from the debut but it has changed. I liked the vertigo-cover, but I think some diversity won’t do any harm.

Stay cool y’all


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