Thursday, October 11, 2007

VS - VS-suite 2


The 14th of September was a day of two important releases from the bands which are my personal jamendo favourites. First one was the next part of VS’ suite. What can I say about this record? The only song on the single End of noise is a prove of the constant band’s evolution form copycays to original band. Maybe the chorus sounds a little bit Mansun/Muse-like, but it’s still much theirs than the first self-titled album. The heat is getting higher every new release form the band, so I expect that when the whole record will be ready and published it won’t leave my mediaplayer very soon. For now I give ten to the song, and I hope i won’t get disappointed in the future.
The cover is great. I thought every record will have the vertigo-cover known from the debut but it has changed. I liked the vertigo-cover, but I think some diversity won’t do any harm.

Stay cool y’all


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