Sunday, September 23, 2007

fukufuku - self-aaa


What adjective can I use to describe that record? Strange, unusual, unique. Fukufuku situates itself on the border of self-awared kitsch and nice electronica ride. The compositions are a little bit nerdy, electronic 8-bit explorations, not too melodical, sometimes even resembling minimal-techno. If you don’t like listening to such music it’ll be a torture for you, but if you have no objections to a little bit of digital craziness this record is for you. There are only six compositions on the album, so I’ll go through all of them, if I may:
self aaa – sounds like Takkyu Ishino first steps as a composer. A piano sample is a little bit too agressive, and that’s one point down for me.
Air abyss – nice ambient tune with breakbeat drums. Here we got piano for the second time, but it’s creates atmosphere instead of spoiling one.
1→2→1’→2’– breaktbeat craziness. It would be very good, but the piano is a little bit annoying. Again.
Chemosynthesis – I think my second favourite on the record. Moving, Authechre-like breaks, with no annoying piano samples ;-)
Little fox – resembling Aphex Twin a bit, but it’s not an objection. Just an interlude, but very neatly done.
Solitude – very good, cold tune, with great atmosphere. The best on the record.
Summarizing, the record is quite interesting, with only one sample that spoils two potentially good pieces. However, the album as such is still recommendable and pleasant to the listener.

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