Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Arthur Cravan - 222777444777782555 555444

Rate: 8/10

First of all, congratulations. I have never found more complicated title of the record! ;-) Ok, it fits into code and numbers mood intelligent dance music composers like, but try to tell a friend: ‘Have you heard Cravan’s 222777444777782555 555444?’ ;-) I challenge you just try...
About the music. Well... I think the author shouldn’t have confessed that the record comes from his Aphex Twin’s influence period, because you can sense it from the very beginning of the record. The music is not original, but I simply like this kind of music too much to make a fuss about it. The compositions are just right, not too long (which happens very often with IDM and its unbearable for me) and not too experimental (ditto). Everything is in order. You know it’s sophisticated electronica but so ambient and melodic that you listen to it more to relax than to explore. It’s an eight for me, minus two points from the highest note possible because of too big resemblance to Richard D. James works and because of the titles, which one is unable to pronounce.
About listening it live, I would, I would, I would... If Arthur Cravan will have a live act in some chillout room close to me, just let me know ;-)

Live long and prosper you all,



Arthur Cravan said...

really, you perfectly understand what this album means for me. except for the title ahahah!*
I don't listen anymore to this album my intention was simply as you can see: make relaxing music, not much sophisticated, learn to play like richard d james. These were my firsts experiment about electronic music, and were my way to comunicate something to someone... i can give you a little help: try to watch your mobile phone, and think about my titles ;)
really really thanks, 8/10 is too much for me, but i love when someone can enjoy my music without pretence.

Arthur Cravan said...

and thanks for the feedback, it is always appreciated when you do something...

ps: another help - on your mobile phone... don't use T9


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