Saturday, September 1, 2007

VS- VS-suite

Rate: 9/10

It’s hard to write anything about the single that’s consists only of one composition, but I will ;-). After listening to epinomously called debut album of the band we’ve got a little teaser that is suppose to tell us which way the music evolution of VS went. I must say that, however VS is a solid piece of electro-rock, VS-suite is more than that. It’s a little jewel very close to the excellence. There is an evident progress in band’s style, but there is still something I lack. I could hear too much of Radiohead’s there there from Hail to the thief’ (especially in rhythm section), and too little of VS’ own style. This is still a question of time for me whether I’ll consider them skillful xeromen or a gros band on its own, and I will wait unpatiently for their second LP, though with those mentioned fears. That’s why is an eight again instead of ten. However the cover is still my favourite vertigo, so it’s one point up.

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