Saturday, May 31, 2008

DRIFTED FROM LA, CA - Her World demo


One may enjoy it
This tune is a solid piece of acoustic rock. Everything is just what genre requires: A melancholic but strong male vocals, crude but melodic guitar sound, choir plus very atmospheric keyboards in the chorus. The composition is long, but it's not a drawback taking under consideration that lyrics are interesting and the piece has its climax around 3'15". The performance is very professional and the production is very close to perfection. Overall, it's a thing to recommend and listen to.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do-up - Acoustic Lounge (Live)


Do-up's record is nice and fresh, that’s for sure. A little bit poppy, but melodic acid-jazz blends with funk turntablism - a mixture that never fails. The way girl sings is professional, a little bit uninventive and mawkish, but these are genre prerequisites so I don’t complain. The most important thing is the music here, and I must say it’s quite neat and smooth. The best track, in my humble opinion is desert road, a junction when melancholic jazz, electronica and great vocal posibilities of the singer meets. The tune doesn’t bore although it’s almost 8 minutes long!
Overall, it’s 7 for me, because the tunes are not extremely inventive. There are few dozens bands in this genre, as good as Do-up, and Acoustic Lounge is a decent recording, but it doesn’t stick-out from the crowd of similar ones. However, the cover is very stylish so it’s one point up.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

MEJ - Play on


Good old-rock school flavour
One question: You've been listening to Tom Petty lately, have you? Just joking. If an influence is well used, than it may only do better to the song. This is exactly the case with a tune. It's a 'typical' folk-rock tune with repeated chorus and a broken-man story in the background, but one has to try very hard not to sound funny when trying to create such music. I think that the band was succesful. It keeps balance between melody and mood, it's recorded quite professionally, guitars sounds as if the player knew how to handle it. The riff at the beginning sounds like a mixture of The Police rhythm and Neil Young-like sense of composition. Not corny at all. Mature and nice to listen it's 5 out of 5.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Flatmax - The underground isn't finished with me


This rewiev could have just one sentence. It’s too experimantal for me. This record has gone just one bridge too far. Two first tracks, The lion and the U.F.O and Run sounds like Aphex Twin music excursion, but it’s just too drilling to hale any satisfaction from listening to it. Close more jails, and Start believing on the other hand reminds of Madvillain or other Daniel Dumile Project just without his flow and melody. Dog fight is another breakbeat extreme intermission. Overall, it’s not bad if you like to have your guts cut and flesh eaten while sou still alive

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Red Orchestra - Prelude


A melancholic emo-drama
I've liked the tune from its very beginning. It's very pleasurable to find such a dramatic and passionate ballad that doesn't end up in ridiculity. The vocalist has a very professional voice which is extremely crucial as the vocals take up most of the sound. The piece has got a very emotional and reflexive mood, the thing hard to find in cynical music of postmodern era. The music reminds me of Creed's rock ballads and some HIM's tunes. The sound is really neat concerning that the band uses only the piano, keyboard and vocals in this song. Overall, two thumbs up.

BTW: ugrzaslem w kisielu.

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