Sunday, September 23, 2007

fukufuku - self-aaa


What adjective can I use to describe that record? Strange, unusual, unique. Fukufuku situates itself on the border of self-awared kitsch and nice electronica ride. The compositions are a little bit nerdy, electronic 8-bit explorations, not too melodical, sometimes even resembling minimal-techno. If you don’t like listening to such music it’ll be a torture for you, but if you have no objections to a little bit of digital craziness this record is for you. There are only six compositions on the album, so I’ll go through all of them, if I may:
self aaa – sounds like Takkyu Ishino first steps as a composer. A piano sample is a little bit too agressive, and that’s one point down for me.
Air abyss – nice ambient tune with breakbeat drums. Here we got piano for the second time, but it’s creates atmosphere instead of spoiling one.
1→2→1’→2’– breaktbeat craziness. It would be very good, but the piano is a little bit annoying. Again.
Chemosynthesis – I think my second favourite on the record. Moving, Authechre-like breaks, with no annoying piano samples ;-)
Little fox – resembling Aphex Twin a bit, but it’s not an objection. Just an interlude, but very neatly done.
Solitude – very good, cold tune, with great atmosphere. The best on the record.
Summarizing, the record is quite interesting, with only one sample that spoils two potentially good pieces. However, the album as such is still recommendable and pleasant to the listener.

Stay cool and prosper,


Friday, September 14, 2007

Kolektyw Etopiryna – Kolory ulicy soundtrack


That’s a good record. Cross-overing funk, experimental jazz and what is called in Kolektyw’s land of origin yass is a good metgod to make a nice, solid album. Etopiryna does not fail and I won’t hesitate to recommend this debut to anyone. I wouldn’t be me, however if I didn’t find something that is far from perfection on this LP. ;-)
The music is ok, the experiment is acceptable and it does not turn into its parody, as it happens sometimes with avangarde music. We got a nice piece of good instrumental, technically skillful without any composition flops. I’ve got some remarks concerning the last part of the record, though. I know that Tymanski’s blueses are hilariousm but that one is not. If this part, ‘A sad song’, was meant to be funny, it isn’t, if it’s serious than it’s nothing special, maybe even a little bit embarassing because of not very elaborated lirycs. It’s five minutes out of the 28 minutes of the record, so it’s almost 20 percent of the reocrd. Two points down for that (in my humble opinion, of course).
The next thing is that the record is not divided into particualr compositions. I understand that it is a concept album, but it can have tunes nevertheless, isn’t? Personally, if I would like to mark out one of the compositions, I couldn’t. These two things make my note slide to seven out of ten.
The cover is nothing special, and it’s not innovative or astethic enough to change my note. I would listen to Etopiryna live, though, because they are a very promising band.

Stay cool and evolve,


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Vate – Diablo

Rate: 9/10

This single is a thing to be recommended to everyone that likes electro music. Diablo very nicely mixes synth-sounds with technobeat. Diablo has unique samples (resembling crickets and other nature sounds) very neatly composed in the marimba swing. This record is one of my favourite tracks from Volk, and, although the whole LP is a little bit boring (but just a bit ;-), Diablo is definitely one of its highlights. I quite enjoyed listening to remixed versions of this piece. They are quite similar to the original, but it’s not just some beta-version that aren’t good enough to be presented as a complete tune, so one sells it as a remix. They are alternative sets as good as the variant chosen by the artist on the album. I regret that there isn’t any interesting B-side piece different from remixes and that’s why there is nine instead of ten. But well... you can’t have it all. The single deserves jamendo fans’ interest anyway.

Big respecto and stay cool y’all


Thursday, September 6, 2007


Yesterday I got my oned hundredth reccomendation on jamendo, which means that a hundred times someone considered my review useful in his jamendo exploration. Not bad, concerning a month
and a half at the site. 
Because of it I gave myself a little holiday - a week off from jamendo. I've just got to gather some strength
before I'll go into the jamendo music further, and as I see there will be a lot to listen when I'll be back.

see you soon,


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Arthur Cravan - 222777444777782555 555444

Rate: 8/10

First of all, congratulations. I have never found more complicated title of the record! ;-) Ok, it fits into code and numbers mood intelligent dance music composers like, but try to tell a friend: ‘Have you heard Cravan’s 222777444777782555 555444?’ ;-) I challenge you just try...
About the music. Well... I think the author shouldn’t have confessed that the record comes from his Aphex Twin’s influence period, because you can sense it from the very beginning of the record. The music is not original, but I simply like this kind of music too much to make a fuss about it. The compositions are just right, not too long (which happens very often with IDM and its unbearable for me) and not too experimental (ditto). Everything is in order. You know it’s sophisticated electronica but so ambient and melodic that you listen to it more to relax than to explore. It’s an eight for me, minus two points from the highest note possible because of too big resemblance to Richard D. James works and because of the titles, which one is unable to pronounce.
About listening it live, I would, I would, I would... If Arthur Cravan will have a live act in some chillout room close to me, just let me know ;-)

Live long and prosper you all,


Saturday, September 1, 2007

VS- VS-suite

Rate: 9/10

It’s hard to write anything about the single that’s consists only of one composition, but I will ;-). After listening to epinomously called debut album of the band we’ve got a little teaser that is suppose to tell us which way the music evolution of VS went. I must say that, however VS is a solid piece of electro-rock, VS-suite is more than that. It’s a little jewel very close to the excellence. There is an evident progress in band’s style, but there is still something I lack. I could hear too much of Radiohead’s there there from Hail to the thief’ (especially in rhythm section), and too little of VS’ own style. This is still a question of time for me whether I’ll consider them skillful xeromen or a gros band on its own, and I will wait unpatiently for their second LP, though with those mentioned fears. That’s why is an eight again instead of ten. However the cover is still my favourite vertigo, so it’s one point up.

Stay cool,


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