Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tradmark – Back to the Source


It’s a record you won’t play once. This is a good quality electronica with a funky vibe (sometimes too plastic for me, as if in the Francesco Malti), but other ways pretty danceable. It’s quite difficult to point out one definite hit from the album because every song is professionally crafted, but I liked the bass and the old school minimal-techno feeling of Don’t Stop and pretty the same in Rework. I didn’t hovewer like too soft-jazz atmosphere of Mood for December Rendered (just to much saxophone and other corny stuff, I’m afraid), though it may be only my humble opinion.
In general, it’s a record to remember and an artist to look for when he’ll release some other stuff. However, there are little drawbacks it doesn’t hinder a positive opinion I have about Back to the Source. I’d also listen to Tradmark’s live act as well. It could be some pleasure.
Overall, it’s an eight for me.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Demian Grace - Little Song For Darling


Now that was something!!!
This tune, although it's just a piano, a vocal and bass it's a thing that one may remember. It's soft amd melodic, and has a chamber-pop atmosphere, a genre worth popularizing. I quite enjoyed a little bit underground production, which only makes the mood more alternative. Although it's only two minutes, a track is definitely one to check out.

song's site

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bay of Fires - Into the harbours of Eden (demo)


I must say I enjoyed it
This tune is not a masterpeice but it's a quite pleasant tune to listen to. What strikes the most it's good, very modern sound. Drums are a little bit to mild, but the bass, samples and keyboard work just fine. The composition itself it's more EBM than industrial (lack of guitar riffs, for example) and the arrangement is so what poor (only electronic no live instruments) but it has nice, engaging atmosphere so overall the verdict must be positive.

son'g site

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Red Emprez – On the Leash


This record is quite interesting, though it’s not a masterpiece. Every song has good electro wave dark mood, but it’s so similar to others in the genre, that it’s quite hard to point out the highlight of the record (Broken Toy perhaps, but it’s an instrumental one). Two of the pieces annoyed me: Everyone’s Girlfriend – because of lyrics’ crudeness and Today, more or else for the same reason. Regardless of the negative things I have just written, there is quite a potential in the band, they just need to find this subtle thread of originality that would single them out from hundreds and hundreds electro-industrial ensembles. I see a light at the tunnel, In the Wonderland has an engaging, luring atmosphere and Red Blood Running is almost Nine Inch Nails-like, so I can only wait for one more record to change my mind totally in favour of this band.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Next signature review

It seems that I've just gor another signature review at
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That means I'll take yet another break till the 12th of

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