Friday, February 29, 2008

Fluydo - 7 Fool Moons 6/7


So there we have it... Another enclosure of the forthcoming album (I hope). This one begins with a little bit trip-hop/psychedelic intro, which makes the listener interested and afterwards the mood starts that has been already acknowledged by us from other Fluydo’s productions. Well… The melodic trip-pop is more carefully produced this time with more reverbs and sound-engineering which makes it even more engaging. I loved the scratches in the chorus, I loved the singing, I love the cover (as always, because it is always the same in alternative colours). I have only one remark: the bassline sounds a little bit plastic for me, which is annoying as the rest of the production is nearly perfect. So it’s nine that time, but it was really close to a full (fool :-) ten!!!

stay cool,


Monday, February 25, 2008

JayJohnsonMusic - The Pitcher Song


A very original love-song
This tune is a quite traditional broken-heart song. I won't give all the details not to spoil fun for ya, but some lyrics, when the singer compares the loved one to a cigarette is quite surprising. ;-) Vocals are quite ok, in a Texas style, the way it should be. The chorus (4:00 minute) with a bar audience is quite engaging also, although I won't exagerrate on it too much (the second time is unnecessary in my opinion). Generally, it is a song to listen once more, so I do encourage everyone to do it. ;-)

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ShakuEcho – Megamix


I don’t know if I should start with that particular record. I mean… this is a remix of ShakuEcho’s previous musical achievements, and I haven’t heard another ShakuEcho’s albums yet. In that respect, every my review would be slightly inaccurate.
What can I say about the LP? Well… It’s just one tune, a forty some, constant tribal-trance journey. I must say that the beat doesn’t slow down for a minute, so it is great if one wants to party. There are also nice melodic, orient motifs, which make the record pleasant to listen to while working on your PC. Of course, the music is somewhat retro, and there aren’t any DJ’s or composer’s tricks and sounds one hasn’t heard before, but it’s still nice. I’m quite fond of such music, so for me the record is definitely recommendable.
I loved the cover, reminding me of those crazy guys, KLF, and their tribal-spiritual videos. Overall it’s an eight for now, but I hope to give a higher grade to another album from this band, when I have time to listen to them.

Saluto and takecare,


Friday, February 15, 2008

Monika - Ashla


Good composition
The composition is very nice indeed. I like the melancholic mood and the melody, but the arrangement is a little bit crappy. It's simply midi sound, that it's so annoying when you're used to better sound engineering. It spoils the whole record. Moreover, I don't think that oboe sound is good for it. It makes the tune Kenny G-like (if you know what I mean). I would try a diferent sample, because the composition itself is quite appealing.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Projekt Niewidzialne Swinie - „2” EP


It is nice to see a good record on jamendo that comes from country of my origin, namely Poland. The EP of Projekt Niewidzialne Swinie (The Invisible Pigs Project) came as a surprise for me. I hadn’t heard of a Polish band playing such music for quite a long time. I suppose that since the depth of 90s’ when the underground Polish scene saw such bands as Marchlewski, Serpent Beat or Blimp there hasn’t been a decent darkwave electro industrial record. Projekt’s EP is such a music, however it has all the advantages of this genre, it also has its drawbacks.
First of all, such I’vej ust said, I’ve already listened to it all ten years ago. Although compositions such as Bas i ambient possess the energy and mood necessary to move me from my chair, I must admit that I know few underground bands (or even not so underground, Sisters of Mercy or Cure are first to mention here) that possess me more. ;-) There is also a lack of vocals on the record. Maybe it was intentional, maybe not, but except for very quiet and mild female singer in the first tune Szumy there is no voice at all, which affects the whole record in a negative way.
I liked the cover, although it’s not professional. I suppose that’s the very problem of the recording. Jamendo and other CC website’s has a quite high level of musicians’ proficiency nowadays, so if the record sound demoish, and this one does, it wont’ get the highest score. This the case with The Invisible Pigs Project. It’s eight for me for a start and I wait for a better, second record from the band because they sound promising after all.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Anyma - IOULIA


Good but not exciting

The first thing that comes into your mind after listening to this record is: that simple, huh? The tune has quite al imited arrangements: just keyboards and an electronic drum-beat with oreintal female singing afterwards,.It's not bad to use just a few instruments if you do it in a good style, but the somg is to predictable to call it a great stylization. The keyboard bass and drums reminds very much of Depeche Mode's instrumentals from Music for the masses period (which was, it must be mentioned, some 20 years ago). The oriental female voice reminds Sisters' of Mercy recordings (The Temple of Love etc.) but without their passion and energy. So, to summarize it: Good samples and nice sounds (although these on the tune had been heard before) does not assure a hit. This song proves that assumption, although it' is produced in a neat and quite professional way. It just sound like an intro to the album and not the core itself.

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