Sunday, April 12, 2009

Red Emprez – On the Leash


This record is quite interesting, though it’s not a masterpiece. Every song has good electro wave dark mood, but it’s so similar to others in the genre, that it’s quite hard to point out the highlight of the record (Broken Toy perhaps, but it’s an instrumental one). Two of the pieces annoyed me: Everyone’s Girlfriend – because of lyrics’ crudeness and Today, more or else for the same reason. Regardless of the negative things I have just written, there is quite a potential in the band, they just need to find this subtle thread of originality that would single them out from hundreds and hundreds electro-industrial ensembles. I see a light at the tunnel, In the Wonderland has an engaging, luring atmosphere and Red Blood Running is almost Nine Inch Nails-like, so I can only wait for one more record to change my mind totally in favour of this band.

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