Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do-up - Acoustic Lounge (Live)


Do-up's record is nice and fresh, that’s for sure. A little bit poppy, but melodic acid-jazz blends with funk turntablism - a mixture that never fails. The way girl sings is professional, a little bit uninventive and mawkish, but these are genre prerequisites so I don’t complain. The most important thing is the music here, and I must say it’s quite neat and smooth. The best track, in my humble opinion is desert road, a junction when melancholic jazz, electronica and great vocal posibilities of the singer meets. The tune doesn’t bore although it’s almost 8 minutes long!
Overall, it’s 7 for me, because the tunes are not extremely inventive. There are few dozens bands in this genre, as good as Do-up, and Acoustic Lounge is a decent recording, but it doesn’t stick-out from the crowd of similar ones. However, the cover is very stylish so it’s one point up.

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