Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Georges Habitbol Brothers – Myfuckingkey


Some time ago I said that 14th of September was a quite good day for jamendo. It was because of VS’ new piece, but the second thing worth mentioning is the new Habitbol Brothers single. I wasn’t a great fan of their eps because of the histerical vocals which are, in my humble opinion, completely unnecessary. Myfuckingkey is different. The beat is phunky, the vocals are melodic instead of noisy. I like experimental electro, and I must say, that Smile, the song on Myfuckingkey is a very smooth and interesting tune. It is groovy, so you can easily dance to that, but it also has that cold atmosphere, which makes the song much more than just disco. I don’t know if I’m right, but I sense some Fischerspooner influence, isn’t so?
The cover is simply great. Funny and neat. Two thumbs up.
Summarizing, I would give a ten to the record, but there is no second track, so it’s too little for me to consider this as a completed single. Because of that it’s nine for now, but I count on more next time I’ll listen to something from The Georges Habitbol Brothers.

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