Saturday, January 5, 2008

Repose - Never

Here's my first garageband review: enjoy it.


A neat trip into trip-hop
Sentimental and sensual - these are the best words to describe song's mood. As soon as the piano started its melody I began to feel something, and it doesn't happen often with me. The female voice soon after (the leading one and one in the background) made the feeling even stronger. It reminds me of Stina Nordestam's vocal, and if one knows that singer, that one realizes how big a compliment such comparison is. I loved the little suspension moment in 1:16 and the beat afterwards. Nice string sample in 1:47 also attracted my attention. It is hard to single out the chorus from the rest of the song, because it's a flowing melancholic journey, but the melody, although quite fragmentic, is catchy. Generally, a tune worth remember.

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