Friday, January 25, 2008

Leave the Light On by Agnes Poetry


Cold, rhythmical, original - just the way I like it
At the beginning, a few-seconds intro creates a bit of confuson but afterwards, when the drums, keyboards and bass come at the same moment with scratch samples everything becomes clear. It the good, old new vawe again. The band sounds quite similar Devoid and other bands that pays tribute to cold music of Depeche Mode, New Order and others. What I liked the most it's the mood of the sons. although the record is secondary to the achievements of the bands mentioned before, it goes with their feeling very skillfully. Electronic beat is very neat, composition is smooth and the chorus is catchy. I think that the break in the middle of the song (around ) with only piano sound it's the thing a band could work on again. The vocals could less histerical and more cold-cool, but there are just minor failings. Concerning this track pluses overwhelmes minuses.

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