Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Missing Host Band – Dusk Gazing


The debut Missing Host Band album consists of rough but melodic postrock tunes with some electronica flavour, which is a good thing. I’m a fan of such music, so I quite enjoyed Dusk Gazing. Slow, dirty and reverbed guitar loops connected with not very abundant drums creates very nice, slacking, lazy atmosphere. Even if you’re not keen on post-rock it’s good to listen to it on some afternoon when you do nothing but lay in bed. The best tunes on the record in my humble opinion are: toufic with very ascetic, almost Joy Division sound plus great pitch-ascending melody and easy to popular, very neatly mocking easy listening melodies.
The cover of the record corresponds to the album very neatly and it cues the postrock/ electronic mood. It’s almost estethic, so thumbs up for it.
The only disadvantage is a structural minimalism of the record. It’s not as atmospheric as To Rococo Rot or Tortoise so the album loses a lot not being a little bit more composed. However this is my only remark. I hope that the possible live version would include richer arrangements and longer compositions.

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