Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Missing Host Band - walk by rote


Dark post rock? ok.. It’s experimental, I agree but it’s not THAT dark… Generally it is full of amiable sounds and interesting melodies ( however very much deconstructed, see boring razor for example). The compositions are weird (this is a compliment ;-) only sometimes the production doesn’t fit in, e.g. too plastic and midi drums clashed with an almost hard-rock riff simply deosn’t do the trick (cutting moon). My favourite tracks are mutine, especially the second part of it, when the riff, turntablism, lazy post-rock rhythm and vocal samples blends together into a really (post)modern music trip. The next recommendable piece is alchimie with IDM rhythm and almost calypso melody. I’ve got only one more remark: the tunes are too short. Take roam by rote for example chich begins extremely engaging, and then… it ends after half a minute. I think the composition into get some Tortoise-like length in order to evolve right. Despite these all drawbacks it’s still a nice LP to listen to.

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