Saturday, June 28, 2008

HiFi Hustlers - Blagging It EP


Quite astonishing (and I don’t say about the perfect cover! ;-). HiFi Hustlers created nice blend of Ninja Tune, Bomb The Bass and a modern dub style. They don’t lose a beat pulse for a second here, while the production is quite classy. Ok, about the tunes:
- power_version – very nice dub production with phunky rhythm section and interesting Jamaican vocal sample leitmotif.
- freedom – another tune created around speech sample. This time, the beat is more electro-sleazy, but still head and legs moving.
- thirteen – the most dub-like on the record. Lazy beats and keyboard sample reminding of early Ninja Tune chillouts with a solid reverb flavour.
- waves – my favourite on the record. Catchy, melodic piece with an ambient touch. Another great recording to my CC collection.
Generally, it is one of the coolest things I’ve managed to listen on jamendo. Hope to hear more from guys.

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