Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fresh Body Shop – orgamilk

Rate: 8/10

I should have got bored with the record which has only acoustic gitar/male voice arrangement, but I didn’t. There are two reasons for it. First of all, the songs on orgamilk are really good. Such tunes as nice day, all it gives, or big wood cross are genuine indie gems, and I can only regret that I haven’t heard them played by the full band yet. Second thing is that you can feel huge music erudition that Pedro, the one that recorded tracks, has. In his pieces I could hear gentle influcences from such bands as Dinosaur Jr., Sugar, Sebadoh, or whatever you may remember from inteligent independent college music scene from the 90’s. My suspicions can be certainly wrong, and the author may have slightly different precursors, but that’s how I see it in my humble opinion. The most important thing however is that Body Fresh Shop does not copy their music but builds their own upon it.
Why an eight then, and not ten. One major reason. There are two many songs on it. To create a perfect acoustic gitar rock record you should be either Nirvana (but even they had more instruments) or hm… noone else. My favourite unplugged is recently Godsmack, but they decided to go for EP and not a full 12-song album. A thing to remember.
The cover is all right and gives a gist what mood the record is. About hearing Fresh Body Shop live… Bring them on! It should be good whether acoustic or electric.

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