Saturday, August 4, 2007

J.T. Bruce –The Dreamer’s Paradox.

Rate: 4/10

This record is simply strange. I have always considered power or progressive metal with its expanded guitar-solos and specific mythology that supposed to be fearful (but it’s not) extremely funny, and I would think the same about Bruce’s pieces. The production of the album is almost professional and the guitar riffs and compositions are technically dexterous but still I am not convinced to such music.
A Skeptic’s Hypothesis has nice strings at the beginning, but it’s lost in the wall of nosie afterwards. Hypnic Jerk sounded as a nice sample-cuts piece, but t lass a half longer it should (10 minutes!) plus the story is ridiculous.
Regardless of these all disadvantages, it’s still 4 because the record is good in its kind, I just think that this whole kind of music is slightly pointless. However, you must remember that it’s just my humble opinion.



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