Tuesday, August 7, 2007

La Goutte au Nez – Ouverture facile

Rate: 8/10

It’s a very chilled-out and easy-going record - that was my general conclusion after listening to Ouverture facile. It sounds as if it was recorded with an enourmous lightness and profesionalism. From opening Hongroise les doigts till the very end the band comes easily from funk to klezmer music and the other way round with no apparent sweat. The best moments on the LP are: latino-style Mulato, extremely energetic Chicango and funky Police district. Anarchie au Temps Des Rois, with its wild roaring and shouting is a little bit verbatim, if you know what I mean. Paso Dub is irritating with its three-minute silence at the end. But I think that these are only small slips on his quite interesting and original album. What is the most important is that La goutte Au Nez has this creative freedom, totally not bounded by music fashion or glueing to one music style. They should just keep it that way.
I will wait for their next recordings on jamendo, and if I ever got the chance I’d like to see them live.


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