Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ehma – La plage de Blane-est

Rate: 8/10

I quite enjoyed this record. It has really great melodic lines resembling unforgettable ‘Amelie’ soundtrack. Although it’s not as neat and suggestive as Rob Costlow’s recordings, it’s still undoubtedly reccomendable. Nevertheless, there are some mistakes, for example too short sirene sound in Le chant des sirenes . I also think that Resemblances it’s just too simple and uncomplicated tune. When I was listening to the compositions I got bored after Sans histoire, but two last songs Le chant des sirenes III and a little bit experimental Le fin des vacances are quite unusual and interesting, so I went through the whole record without much dissapopintment.
The cover is nicely corresponding to the mood of the record, so it’s more than okay.
Abort live act… hm… I think such music is best listened alone At home but I would give Ehma a go If I had a chance.
Overall is an 8 for me because of few of the things mentioned above, but I think bigger fan sof such kind of music would rated it even higher.

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