Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rob Costlow Solo Piano – Sophomore Jinx

Rate: 10/10

Only after I had read the description of these pieces I realized that this is Costlow’s first record! It’s sounded strange to me, because I like the first one better than the second one, although the compositions on ‘Woods of chaos’ may sound a little bit more sophisticated. But I’m a crude person, therefore ‘Jinx’ would number be one for me after all.
About the tunes… I will just enlist few of them with my comments, because if you know ‘Woods of chaos’ you may expect what to hear on ‘Sophomore Jinx’. It’s still the old good solo piano…
I do – melody comes into your mind swiftly and it doesn’t comes out! Wonderful.
L.A./Passing by – melancholic, reminding of slow walk At the coast of the ocean (In the USA they hale oceans not seas, lucky bastards!)
Lost or found – very quiet but highly emotional tune.
Bliss – upliting although quite long, not boring at all!
Goodbyes – extremely sad soundtrack to an etremely sad scene of the movie.
Oceans – eponymously oceanic, a little bit similar to I do, but it's by no means disadvantage
Family – there is some conversation at the end, or have I misheard it? Cute.

The cover is similar to the Woods of Chaos, so I can only say: Ok.
Live… I can only repeat myself. I would like to listen to Costlow’s music somewhere in the New England area, in some small city near Boston. It should be played from an abadonned house from the colonial times for better atmosphere ;-)

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