Friday, August 3, 2007

Greg Baumont – Wood

Rate: 8/10

The whole LP situates itself in the spheres of world ethnic ambient mixed with some electronic music. The project is very carefully produced and, technically, it sounds very well, although I have a few remarks concerning the compositions. Here they go:
La sixieme porte de Shanaaghar – good, meditative ambient piece, reminding me of first FSOL or ORB records.
Le nettoyeur – sounds like some criminal series theme, too soft for me.
The blue star – good electro, but the beat is too slow to make it hit for me. Big plus for sweet French accent ‘always togezer’ ;-)
Respire – Word-music ambient in the way that is too much predictable for me, I’m afraid.
Why – great ethnic vocals with techno trance background much better than Respire.
The new day – the words and the manner of singing make it too pompatic form me, but as an instrumental composition the song is really good.
Why (Trance remix by Ilya Malyuev) – I like trance, so I liked that remix, however it’s not a proper techno-trance as from Dragonfly Records for example.
La face cachée de la lune – very lunatic indeed, I quite enjoyed it.
Les chevaliers de l'Aar – Extremely good, nice descending atmosphere, great vibrating keyboard. One of my favourites.
Generally the record is too smoothed for me. I like it a little more experimental and raw but with more life. It cannot be seen on ‘Wood’ in every recording, and that’s why is ‘only’ 8. But, I must confess that the production of the LP is impressive.

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