Monday, August 6, 2007

Tryad - Listen

Rate: 10/10

So there you have it. – I thought to myself when I put ‘Listen’ on. – I’m wondering if that one is as good as ‘Public domain’. Well... I won’t tell you yet, you’ll have to wait for the end of the review. ;-)
‘Listen’ begins fine with Struttin’, where professional beats mixes with anti-system rhymes. Breathe, which comes next is just beatiful. The girl, Serene her name, as I learnt form Tryad website, sings almost like Sinead and modest trip-hop background creates great atmosphere in his tune . Alone is nice with catchy chorus, hovewer the composition is not as uplifting as Breathe. Listen - great piano and again fabulous woman’s vocals. You are god – of course, we aren’t gods, there is no doubt about it, but this futuristic tune (keyboards reminding me of Vangelis’ Blade Runner) may be treated as a warning of the consequences of human’s vanity. Lovely is lovely indeed, nothing more to add ;-). Beauty is a little bit similar to the previous one, could be more original, although it’s still highly recommendable song. Empty - nice electronic bass line and good vocals. Mesmerize – a little bit sentimental at the beginning but it evolves into Brad Sucks cover afterwards,so the song was quite a pleasure for me. From this composition on, I’m certain that the piano has been chosen to play an important part on this album. All the same – I almost fell asleep during this one, but it’s a correct response, because the tune is dreamy. This – great, reminding me of Beach Boys choir very swiftly corresponding to electronic beats. Waltz into the moonlight is a bit dissapointing, maybe because it’s not waltz at all. ;-) Far away – a marvellous solo piano ending of the marvellous record.
In summary it’s ten. Great effort, one of the most mature and enticing records on Jamendo. Visiting to know more about the LP (almost 20 people collaborating while producing it!) website is a must! Will I ever see Tryad live, I wonder. Well… I can only hope so.;-)

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