Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fonetik - demo

Rate: 8/10

This record should not be called ‘demo’ at all. Comparing it with other Jamendo albums (no offence ;-) its a decent full-length album. Fonetik is a very skillful jazz band, and it’s simply pleasure for ears to listen to such LP.
About the pieces… Dolorosa is a guitar and flute chill-out. Free gun, a crazy funky trip with amazing speech samples (an account with a free gun!). Poursuite – it’s too short to evolve into a serious piece, but still it sounds nice. Bigdaddy – an interesting ambient intro, and then a little bit to rock-drive for me, I would prefer it to be more electro jazz. Claris – it’s more jazzy, but I still lack some turntablist or sample craze.
Ok., I didn’t want to compare it to Revolution Void, but I will.;-) The band mentioned can mashup electro with jazz in such proportions that it’s almost a new electrojazz style. Fonetik is more straight jazz with some samples and ambient keyboards, so it’s not that ‘revolutional’ ;-), although it’s fun to listen to their music. It’s a good record, but not sensational, that’s why an eight and not ten his time. It’s only my humble opinion, of course, you must remember his.
Cover is nice, more electro than the music (ok., I’m getting boring ;-), and I would love to listen to them live as some lounge act.



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