Friday, August 10, 2007

Revolution Void – Thread Soul

Rate: 10/10

I have to admit that Thread Soul has been one of my favourite records lately. In order not to make this review a continous praise of how fabulous the compositions are I will just focus on the songs one by one:
Ventus Solaris – nice fusion jazz tune with buzzing electronica in the background.
Biomythos – good vibro with funky bass, highly recommendable.
As we may think – Philip Glass-like piano quite worth listening
City lights at night – groovy composition, you must checz skillful turntablism on that one!
Geodetic transmissions and Infornography - electro bass with breakbeat drums and jazzy keyboard - these pieces sound like some kind of technical evolution of the best Herbie Hancock moments on his 80’s records.
Encoded Designs – this one is a real jazzmtazz with fuzzed gitar solo and sax overlaping eachother.
Robot is dreaming – very acid and chilled out, although droning background may be a little bit annoying for some people.
Evolutionary Expanse – medidative theme with a bit of ethnic spice make the composition a perfect outro for the record.
I cannot see a weak point of this record, and I enjoyed listening to this one even more than to Increase the Dosage. What else can I say? I give the highest possibile note and let God bless ya.

Respects high and low,


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