Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Drunksouls – On verra plus tard...

Rate: 8/10

Good job. This is the best conclusion I had after listenning Drunksouls’ album. The LP begins with catchy postpunk Pain of life, which may be consider as a minor underground hit, and it doesn’t get worse through the Rest of the record. Give me a sign reminds me of the latest RHCP songs, but it’s not an accusation, but rather praise of band’s composition abilities. No more fighting it’s typical euro-reggae, a priori worse than Jamaican original, but song is a good effort. There is a place is similar to the previous song, but it’s got nice up-lifting strings and vocal intro. Barfly sounds quite like uninventive rock music, but it has this cold new wave mood that saves the composition. Dernière cigarette is a good rock drive with a little bit silly lyrics, but rock energy covers this imperfection. Obao is a bit pompatic and theatrical in a bad meaning of this word, and I think that this tune is simply unnecessary.
Generally, it’s an 8. A record very close to excellence, but with few slips while achiving it.
Cover fits the inside, and it looks nice so I would give plus for it.
I would like to see them some summer festiwal if I had a chance.



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