Friday, August 24, 2007


Rate: 9/10

Never had I heard such a Brit band from France! ;-) It was enough to listen the first piece, NoWay to hear tones and melodies from Radiohead, Archive with a little splash of Pink Floyd here and there. After the second song I added Mogwai and Sigur Ros (ok, not a Brit band but in the mood) to the collection. The vocalist’s manner reminds me of Paul Draper, Mansun’s singer (one of the most underestimated Brit-pop bands, BTW). As I’m keen on the most of the bands mentioned above, I had to like VS. This album really moves and touches, and, as it is really professionally made, it has a big chance to get into every rock-fan favourites. The best tracks, in my humble opinion, are: very melancholic Re_Verse, an atmospheric (thanks to keyboards) UnseenBox, and surprisingly floating Silencio. Overall, self-titled VS’ debut is a worth-knowing eight-tune solid modern-rock performance. I have only one remark, though gravious one: the band is not extremely innovative, as I had heard the things the band played before. I mean it’s good to be rooted into great bands, but VS sound like it wouldn’t want to go any further the band mentioned went. That’s a big disadvantage. In my private note measures I would give them an eight, but the cover is a real vertigo, so it’s nine, and I think I check the VS’ single VS-suite quite soon, because if guys evolved they may be big.
Hm... hearnig them live. It would be pleasure... I would love to if I had a chance.

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