Friday, July 27, 2007

Tryad - Public domain

Rate: 9/10

Tryad is for jamendo as Aphex Twin for Warp or Mudhoney for Sub-pop so it’s really hard to review this record and to fully grasp the meaning of Tryad music. First of all, it’s an essence of creativity available through the Net. Few people living in a completely differents parts of globe make music and then gives it away for free. That’s the future of music, nothing more to say.
Tryad is futuristic not only in its perception of music distribution, but also in its sound. The industrial pop of the group comprises of keyboard piano, heavy usage of samples and deeply reverbed vocals. The electronic beats links everything together, sometimes constructing the whole tunes, as for example in ‘Beat Into Submission’. The whole record is really professional, but my favourite songs are: very neat (and amusing) Intro and Outro, Peace on Earth – surprisingly hippie tune with acoustic guitars mixed with electronica, My Piano Sings – Great vocals with moving, setimental keyboard piano loop, and Dance of the Urbanite – with exceptional strings supported by electronic sound. Of course, there are some compositions that I would treat as fillers, Sampling Memory, for example. Just to similar to other tunes too be taken seriously as a fully developed song. It doesn’t diminish the entire record as one of the finest to be found on Jamendo.
Cover is cool, very representative and I suppose the most popular of all jamendo records, so I won’t go into details.
Watching them life would be a must.
Taking all under the consideration it’s 9, because, in my humble opinion, few songs are unnnecessary. If I were Tryad I would make the exceptionally good, such as Our Lives Change longer and skip few less interesting (for example Star Guide).
My regards and respekto!


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