Monday, July 23, 2007

Revolution Void : Increase the Dosage

Rating: 9/10

This is really classy stuff. I have enjoyed the album quite al ot, although I've been listening to it three times already today.
To make the long story short: my favourite parts are speedy electro mixed with extravagant sax solo in Factum par ficto, sweey vibraphone tune that introduces Nebulous Notions, and Weekend Amnesia (very groovy, with nice scratches).
Generally it sounds as some Herbie Hancock rehearsal and I would surely quite enjoyed while listening to it live.
Cover is more than cool, cool psychedelic layout which corresponds neatly with the music that takes the listener onto the cosmic trip from 70's into the 21st century.
You can ask me why nine then and not ten? Well... Personally I think the album is one, two songs too long. When I listen to Obscure Terrain I wait for the grand finale, but still there is still some time. But the second record of them is shorter, so when I'll check I'll let you know.


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