Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hype - Lies and Speeches


I don’t like pop rock too much. Blending those two music styles steals out the energy from guitars and intoxicates it with much too sweet melodies. But Hype is different and that’s a big ‘pro’ for his record.
It’s not that the recording is perfect. The songs are a little bit monotonous, and they lack in abundant arrangement (I could hear only lead gitar, bass, vocal and drums no piano or keyboards whatsoever), nonetheless the numbers are catchy enough to let you listen to them more than once. The singer’s akcent sounds funny, but on the other hand, it makes songs sound original.
The best moments are two first songs: ‘Home’ with great guitar riff, and ,My innocence’ with very melodic chorus, and the last two songs: very energetic ‘Get there’ and melancholic, acoustic ‘Spirits above’.
The cover is quite… hm… exciting, and it ensures me that I deal with a rock record ;-) I wouldn’t mind to hear them live, especially, that I suppose, they’ll be more rocking.
Ok. Summarizing the greatest disadvantage is very modest arrangement, but I’m a fan of Mansun records, so maybe I exagerrate. So, you have to see it for yourself as the LP is worth recommending although not my top favourites.

Saluto and stay cool!


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