Thursday, July 26, 2007

Silence - L'autre endroit

Rate: 9/10

This record is brilliant. When it comes to instrumental music it’s very difficult not to make a recording which would be something more than just a background to computer work. Silence avoids it, giving us an interesting mixture of electronic beats and guitar energy. There is a good balance between these two elements, a great advantage for the tunes.
It’s hard to say which composition is the best, because each of them has something to hold on to. I think the best moments are piano introduction in larmes, and the whole particule and follow me. The first song, cellule is also worth noticing for its rock energy. The only annoying thing for me are woman samples in stop. Definitely to histerical for me.
Cover looks nice, although a little bit ascetic.
As for listening to Silence live I’m in two minds. Such music sounds the best when you listen to it alone, but perhaps it may be a live act could be an interesting experience after all.
Summing everything up, I would give 9 to the record. I though about giving an 8 because stop really annoys me, but after that there is short experience which completely erases bad memories from the previous composition.

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