Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Grace Valhalla - Psychopathethic

Rating: 8/10

Ok. This album is so short, that I can afford to tell something abort each of tracks.
1. psychopathethic – surprisingly, the worst number. The tune is not very convincing after you’d heard the way Aphex Twin use similar melodies. The drums are annoyingly plastik, and one of the samples is simply to midi for me.
2. today – much, much Belter. Nice gitar, quite catchy, worth listening for sure.
3. november MMIII – the best one from the record. Postrock looped guitars are In good concord with electronic gentle beat. Great background keyboard. Classy tune.
4. powers of the herb - very energetic, rock-guitar stuff with nice vocal samples. Goood one.
5. Little ball – almost trip-hop. The most samplified track on the record In the nice sentimental mood.

The cover is nice – a beach and the woman on it. What else should we want? ;-) And if I could watch Grace Walhalla in concert I would certainly do that!
Generalny the whole rekord would be a 9 for me, but psychopathethic is little too pathethic for me, so I will give 8.

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