Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Amelie - be low

Rate: 6/10

It is not a bad record, but it lacks in few important dimensions. First of all, there is no ‘hit’. I could hardly remember what was the song about after it finished. Only get high has a chorus I can sing with, maybe because it has so simple words (perhaps I’m a simple person ;-).
The production is pretty cool, and the instruments are live, so, theoretically, I should like the record. But I don’t. This record simply do not possess energy I would require from music with live instruments. I’m sorry.
The best moments are shake you and get high. I’m a little bit annoyed by too mild piano at the beginning of soon a shine will come.
I suppose if I would listen to them live, I wouldn’t get very interested.

p.s. the cover is nice, however, still not very exciting. Just like the whole record.
Keep trying and remember it’s just my humble opinion.


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