Sunday, July 22, 2007

4444 - Apertura

Rate: 6/10

I listened to this album with quite mixed feelings. On the one hand it is smooth presentation of technical composing abilities. That's good.
Bits moves you to dance, but what I miss is the climax that makes you techno-crazy and gives you that sweet feeling of trance.
Some melodies, forexample the begining of Essaouira and Gallaezia sounds to much midi and unnatural. They are the worst moments of the record. The best however is Robot, when you can really feel electro.
The cover of the album is nice, neat and interesting.
As for my expectations how it would sound live, I think that it would be too amateur for real live-techno mix, but for a home-made rave will do.
It's not a bad album, but it's not also very convincing. Nonetheless I greet the composers and wish them that their music would be developing.


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