Saturday, November 17, 2007

Josh Woodward – Dirty Wings


Well… How to put it in words and not to lie? Simply, Dirty Wings is one of the best things that have been released on jamendo from dark rock since ages.Beginning from very emotional I Want To Destroy Something Beatiful till the last song Nincompoop you get really nice piece of music. There is no doubt that this Ohio guy knows how to rock.
Dirty Wings is an indie-pop the way I like it. Deeply melancholic but melodic with a strong, distorted gitar. Unfortunately, there are just drums, gitar, bass and that’s it. I think the arrangement should be expanded for Josh to achieve excellence.
My favourite tracks are I Want To Destroy Something Beatiful and Methylchloroisothiazolinone (hard to pronounce, really) where the energy takes over. In the second tune we have a moment with keyboards and there I felt the potential of the musician.
Gallows Hill is whether hilarious or cool, whether you like such tunes or not, nevertheless it’s also one of my favourites.
The cover is great. Very atmospheric and dark.
If I could give nine and a half, I would give it to Woodward’s album. However it’s nine that time. I’ll check his second album, and maybe that one will satisfy my sophisticated taste so fully that I’ll give ten.
Greetings to the autor of the LP, and I hope people we’ll hear him somewhere else that Ohio also.

And visit for more his songs. It’s a must!


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