Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fluydo - 7 moons - 03


Fluydo's single is not a single at all, but rather a part of a bigger album, that is presented on jamendo tune by tune (that's why 03 in the name of the song).
About the music itself. It very nice crafted easy listening, reminding me of Broadcast (does anybody remembers such band?),
Morcheeba or Goldfrapp. The vocals are nice, the composition is extremely melodic. A bit too melodic for me, because I like
trip-hop ( Fluydo is more of a trip-pop) served dark and raw. Nevertheless people should like 7 moons. It's nine for me.
It would be an eight, but the cover is lovely. The Italians know how to design things, no doubt about it ;-)

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