Sunday, February 14, 2010

Silent assassin – TurnOffTheRadio


This is a piece of really nice ebm here. One knows that the sound and production are extremely important on this genre, and I can feel that Silent Assassin undestands that very well. Although it’s a classical one man band that has its base mnainly on electronic sound and not live instruments, it does not hinder the compositions in any way. Of course, they are not extremely abundant and multi-layered, I would best described that as a minimal electronic ebm, but still it creates very engaging mood and leaves us wanting to listen to the album once again. It’s hard to say, which ones are my favourites here, because every track has something interesting in it, but if I have to, I would point out German Woods, where the story is told with a great, very atmospheric background (too bad, I cannot understand – don’t know German any bit), and MindInc, which reminds me of some dark ambient Aphex Twin trips. The only remark I have it’s that tunes resemble eachother too much, for example beat in GermanWoods and C’est is almost identical. Taking this aside however, TurnOffTheRadio is really a thing to listen to, and I would love to see this performed in a live act. Also the cover, with its early-industrial style is a good cue and a completion to the whole.

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